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Custom Pens

Pens on this page are hard to categorize as you will see as you review the selection.  Some of the pens took their inspiration from a specific area of the US such as the Texas/Cowboy pen and the Southwest.  Others were inspired by special interest like the"Four Speed" pen you see pictured at the left.  Others connect to a special interest like Steam Punk.  For those of you not familiar with Steam Punk it is related to 1900's Victorian era science fiction from the days before we have the internal combustion engine.  A well know example is the book by Jules Verne titled "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea".  These make unique gifts if you have a friend or family member that has special interest in one of the areas inspired by these custom pens.


This pen comes in antique copper and brass as shown above and also antique pewter and copper as well as antique brass and copper.  Van Horn selects the wood that best match and compliments the look and style of the pen.

The pen tip is extended and retracted use the bolt action mechanism shown.

This is a heavy pen and it writes well.  It is not well suited for a shirt pocket pen due to its weight.  If you know individuals that are into Steam Punk we are confident they would be thrilled with this beautiful pen.  This is one of our most distinctive pens that has appeal beyond Steam Punk followers.

Cost: $95.00 (VHE pays shipping on pens)

If you are interested in buying any of the pens shown on this website just send us an e-mail and we will respond promptly to advise you of the specific pens available.  We will use the same iPad we use at shows run charge cards.  We utilize the top rated service for credit card processing to ensure your information is secure.  We can take your credit care info over the phone and enter it directly in our iPad.  We will not keep or record your credit card info.



This is the perfect pen for shade-tree-mechanic or NASCAR fan.  What may appear to be a flaw in the gear shift knob is actually a self portrait.  You can see me behind the camera and the ceiling fan in my photo studio (also known as our guest bedroom).  Actual the self portrait was intentional as my way of getting a little recognition for my amazing contributions to VHE.  I am convinced people do not read the words on these websites and just look at the pictures so I may as well claim well deserved credit at every written opportunity.

The pen end cap represents a spare tire complete with tire tread and hubcap.

The pen comes in Chrome which is shown in the photos above.  It also comes in Antique Pewter and Antique brass.

Cost : $47.00 free shipping



This handsome pen brings back memories of the wild west and cowboy days on the range.  The pen symbolizes the cowboy culture of hard work, horsemanship and individualism.  The stars represent the lone star of Texas and also the badges worn by the sheriff of the West.

This pen comes in Antique brass shown here and also Antique copper.

Price is $65.00 with free shipping.




This beautiful pen was inspired by the American Southwest and the Indian jewelry made with turquoise.  The geometric pattern represents the pattern seen woven baskets and pottery in Southwest Indian art. Van Horn selected woods that compliment the pen and aligned the pattern on the wood to match and compliment the structure of the pen.  Note how the wood pattern around the clip compliments combine to give a striking look to the pen.

The pen comes in Antique brass shown here and Antique Pewter as well as Antique copper.

Price: $65.00 with free shipping.