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Collectors Pens

We are pleased to offer a selection highest quality pens made with the finest woods and components available. These pens are for collectors and pen lovers that enjoy owing and writing with an exceptional pen. They make excellent gifts and become a keepsake for a lifetime.   Crystals included in several of the pen designs are genuine Swarovski Crystals. Engraving on clips, bands and end caps adds to the beauty and elegance of the pen.

VHE make incredible one-of-a- kind pens that will be a keepsake that can be passed down from one generation to the next.  Finishes for these pens utilize metals such is gold, titanium and rhodium for both beauty and durability. (Rhodium is a rare earth metal that is more expensive than gold and is considered the best finish to utilize on high end pens).  All pens are rollerball or Fountain pens making them exceptional writing instruments. Fountain pens come with highest quality German nibs (tips) and are refillable using cartridges or bottle ink.

The following are some close up photos if the fine detail and amazing woods used on these beutiful pens.


Majestic Rollerball Pen

The Majestic is the largest and most impressive pen we offer.

Wood: Buckeye Burl

Finish: Rhodium & 22k Gold with a Swarovski Crystal on the clip

The Majestic style finishes also includes  Rhodium and Black Titanium

Cartridge: Rollerball

Price: $160.00



Majestic Junior Rollerball Pen


Our most popular collectors pen. A slightly slimmed down version of the Majestic.  This pens have the same features and quality of the Majestic with a sleek and slender design. The design allows you to "post" the cap onto the pen body for balance and storage convenience.

Wood: Buckeye Burl

Finish: Rhodium and 22k Gold with a Swarvoski Crystal on the clip.

This style also comes in Rhodium and Black Titanium and Antique Brass and Pewter.  The sample shown above is Antique Brass and Pewter.

Cartridge: Rollerball

Price: $135.00



Venus Roller Ball Pen


This pen has a ring of brilliant Swaroski crystals and a large Swaroski Crystal on the end cap. The cap can be posted on the pen body when writing for perfect balance.

Wood: Box Elder Burl with Swaroski Crystals


Cartridge: Roller Ball


Price: $150.00



Majestic Rollerball Pen


The exquisite components and wood produced a hand made pen that exceeds the expectations of the most discriminating pen lover.

Wood: Kingswood

Finish; Rhodium and Black Titanium with a Swavorski Crystal on the clip.

Cartridge: Rollerball

Price: $160.00


Art Deco Rollerball Pen


Art Deco was an opulent and lavish art form that spanned the 1920's and 1930's. Art Deco inspired this incredible pen with a star burst design on the clip and cast gold plated band with art deco motif.

Wood:Box Elder

Finish: Black Titanium with 22K Gold. End cap with Art Deco Styling in 245K Gold. Clip has Golden Swarovski Crystal

Cartridge: Roller Ball

Price: $130.00