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Africa Tree Box (Bocote)

Van Horn lived in Africa with her husband when he was in charge of a multi-billion dollar oil project in Chad and Cameroon.  She made several trips to Kruger National Park in South Africa where she and her husband photographed the beautiful wildlife was in their natural habitat.  She published books for her family of her adventures.  The Africa Tree box was inspired by Umbrella Thorn Tree which is featured in many classic Africa sunset photos.

Dimensions: 9" wide X 5" high X 2.75" deep

Price: $245.00 Plus $10.00 Shipping (SOLD)



This box has been sold and is no longer available. It is presented to illustrate how the use of different woods with the same design creates very different looking boxes.  It also illustrates the theme VHE creates one-of -a-kind creations from wood as each box is unique as no two pieces of wood are identical.

While living in Africa Van Horn took photographs in Africa villages that were of National Geographic quality due to the incredible spirit and beauty of the African people.  She published books and calendars and sold them so she could help the proud people in these remote villages where there was no running water, power or outside communications.  She used the money to build schools and buy a truck load of full color text books. Their existing school had collapsed and the teacher had only one black and white book for the whole school.



This one of VHE's most spectacular boxes.  We found the buckeye burl in a small mill in Upper Michigan.  It was very expensive ($60.00/lb) but we could not pass up this treasure.  Van Horn kept the block of wood in a prominent spot in her shop for months contemplating how to best incorporate the exceptional wood into both boxes and pens.

Given this is another Africa Tree it offers the opportunity to provide a little more insight into the personality and accomplishments of Van Horn.  When living in Africa she helped a woman's weaving co-op restart after being abandon by the World Bank.  She provided funding to buy yarn and dyes and paid off some outstanding bills left by the UN.  She also helped the women organize their co-op as they were dependent on UN personnel to guide and direct their efforts.  The women used 30 beautiful Swedish looms brought in by the UN and with Van Horn's help started and ran a very successful business.  This funded schooling for the 50+ members children and put food on their table.

Now back to this beautiful box:

Dimensions: 9" wide X 5" high X 3.5" deep

Price $285.00 Plus $10.00 Shipping



The Hobbit House box has simple but classic lines that earned the name the "Hobbit House Box".  Hobbits were a diminutive humanoid race in JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings book.  The box has two lined drawers plus a well hidden secret drawer on the back of the bottom drawer.  This drawer would be a great place to hide secret incantations or that receipt for the beautiful leather jacket from Chicos you have not mentioned to husband...yet.

Dimensions:5" wide X 6.5" high X 3.5" deep

Price: $160.00 Plus $10.00 Shipping



Here is the Hobbit House box in Ambrosia wood.  As noted all colors and figure on the wood is natural.

Dimensions: 5" wide X 6" high X 2.75"

Cost: $135.00 Plus $5.00 shipping

The box was named after one of the two moons of Mars.  This one of VHE's few lidded boxes and is completely lined inside.  The Martian moon Phobos is actually an irregular rounded shape. I (Morgan, the owner of the VHE website) am not suggesting in any way that Van Horn's ball is irregular.  Even if it is(and it is not) I would ensure the camera angle (as I am the photographer as well as web manager) presented the best possible view.

This box is made of cherry with a padauk (perfectly round) ball.

Dimensions are 6" wide X 6" X high X 4" deep

Price is $140.00 plus $10.00 shipping (SOLD)



This is a smaller one drawer.  It is most striking due to the simple design and the amazing cocobolo wood.  Each angle of view brings out more color and grain.  The small photo on the right was included to demonstrate the exception quality of Van Horn"s work and her dedication to detail.  This photo shows the REAR of the snail box.  It is finished to the same level as the front even though it will never be seen when on display.  I (Morgan) take great pride at shows when I take out a random drawer and show the back to customers to explain the quality of her work.

I have one more point to make using this box and then I promise I will get to the dimensions and pricing, The photo below shows the lining in the Snail Box.  As mentioned previously all drawers are fully functional and all are lined.  You can also see in this photo additional indications of Van Horn's's quality focus as you look inside the internals of the box and see the same fine finish as on the front and top.

Hopefully you are not suffering from information overload at this point and you are still interested in the size and dimensions.

Dimensions: 8.5" wide X 4.5" high X 3"deep

Price: $165.00 Plus $5.00 Shipping



This Padauk "Legs" Box has a dramatic flair with long legs and an ebony handle that sweeps off the drawer.  It is similar in design to the Cocobolo Leggs box but there are subtle differences.  This piece loos good from a distance.  As you scan the room your eyes are drawn to the unique shape of this modern box with an art deco element to the design.

Dimensions are: 5"wide X6.5" high X 3.5" deep

Price: $160.00 Plus $5.00 Shipping (SOLD)


Four Drawer Hickory Box

This unique box is American Hickory wood with Paduak handles.  The color contrast between the hickory and paduak is very striking.  All drawers are lined.

Dimensions:5 3/4 " hi X 81/2 " wide X 2 3/4" deep

Price: $160.00 plus $10.00 shipping



A lidded box with Purple Heart handle. Purple Heart is an interesting wood to work with because it takes on the beautiful color when exposed to air.  When you cut into a block of wood it has a Grey color.  If left in the sun it takes on the color you see here.


8.25" wide X 5.25" high X 2.5" deep

Price : $135.00 Plus $10.00 Shipping (If you buy two or more boxes the

shipping is free.)



It would be a stretch to call this a true box.  The top is removal and the "drawer extends the length of the box but it should be considered more of an art sculpture than a true box.  The overall shape and striking top makes this an eye catcher.  Your guests will certainly ask about this item when they come to visit your home.

Dimensions :3" diameter X 9.5" high

Cost: $115.00 Plus $5.00 shipping.


Mesquite Manly Box with Turquois Spot